We deploy an immersive Risk Simulation Platform for Insurance Products (Cyber, K&R, Active Shooter, Armed Intruder, Social Unrest and Natural Disasters) and Medical Training.

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The WHY: Empower high impact front line individuals and organizations to handle high consequence situations which require the highest degree of preparedness, intelligence and speed, leading to minimized casualties/losses as a result of emergency situations ranging in severity from low to high threat. Scenarios range from Natural Catastrophe, Cyber Attack, Medical Emergencies, Kidnap & Ransom, Active Shootings, Pre-emptive planning in the anticipation of a crisis and Post Crisis Restoration such as Business Adaptability/Continuity Solutions.
The HOW: Mitigate organizational risk by greatly increasing Awareness, Preparedness and Responsiveness for crucial stakeholders to make on the fly decisions based on the nature of the incoming crisis or emergency. We work with healthcare providers, insurance organizations, law firms, forensic firms, private security, direct policyholders, law enforcement, local and federal governments (and more as new use cases are discovered).
The WHAT: The “Training by Gaming” approach lets players hear, see, touch and feel emotion as they navigate various “Situation Rooms”. This is all made possible by deploying a combination of interactive technologies consisting of 3D Game Simulations (atop Triple-A gaming tech stacks), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR). The end result is a highly retention and purpose-driven immersive experience.

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