Creativity & Critical Thinking: A necessary skill for Business Analysts building gamified solutions

Business analysts are the entrusted custodians of solving business problems with the most effective solutions. Business analysts with the right qualities are methodical masters of a problem space.

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Creative Thinking and Critical Thinking are the new attributes that take pole position in the minds of the business analysts solving business problems with innovative solutions to deliver better digital customer experience and outcomes.

Creative thinking helps business analysts accept new ideas and think in an unconventional manner. This pushes them to reject the status quo and exceed current standards. Moreover, the best creative thinking happens when an analyst has deep empathy towards situational context, as well as an imagination to see light at the end of a tunnel; creative analysts can feel what the end experience will be.

Critical thinking, very much like problem-solving, can be a procured ability, given a certain level of devotion to rehearsing it. But in order to affect business decisions, critical thinking must be paired with clear and precise communication.

Decision intelligence is the discipline of using high situational awareness to translate information into smarter actions.

Creativity is the process of bunching together solution thoughts. Advancement is all about transforming these thoughts into the real world. Innovation doesn’t necessarily need to be progressive, revolutionary or historic. Adding worth takes many forms. Getting things done cheaper, faster, more efficiently, more effectively and more enjoyably all add worth.

The Creative Business Analysts (CBAs), as we call them at Infiniqo, envision and bring to life custom scenarios to various situational training needs across cyber risk, medical education, healthcare and insurance industries. CBAs require a generic understanding of each domain while working with experts and specialists in each respective field.

They lead with the power of imagination and bring a rhythm to the overall process of translating a customer need to a product that delivers an enjoyable experience.

At Infiniqo, CBAs are the driving force in producing our entire scenario development process and they wear many hats. CBAs work with domain experts, animators, modelers, voice artists, system configurators, experience configurators, developers, testers, and of course the client managers.

As the role of a Business Analyst continuously evolves, keep your curiosity open to acquiring newer skills. You are the entrusted partner to solve business problems with creative solutions and execute to deliver delightful customer experiences.

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By Ramki Duriseti & Dharani Goli (Creative Business Analyst)

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