Kidnap and Ransom Schemes and Express Kidnappings On the Rise

High net worth individuals and c-suite company executives may make more attractive targets for traditional kidnapping schemes. Still, anyone who may have access to a few dollars, or a mobile phone, can be a target for express kidnappings.

Express kidnappings are when a small ransom is immediately demanded to secure an individual’s release, sometimes from an employer or family. But often, the victim is brought to an ATM and forced to withdraw funds, then left somewhere in the city. Victims usually are uninjured. Express kidnapping schemes often involve fake taxis where the driver or other passengers are in on the kidnapping.

Some include express kidnappings, while others have this coverage available by endorsement. Most major commercial insurance carriers sell Kidnap & Ransom coverage. Kidnap & Ransom insurance policies often include coverage for:

    • Ransom costs
    • Extortion
    • Court judgments and attorney fees
    • Death and dismemberment
    • Settlements and other fees
    • Defense costs
  • Expenses such as negotiators, public relations firms, investigators, detectives, and translators
  • Medical costs not covered by health insurance

Kidnap & Ransom Insurance Policies
Some Kidnap & Ransom insurance policies also cover threats of violence, stalking, harassment, express kidnapping, interest costs, crisis management support services, and other services. Other policies may offer these additional coverages only by endorsement.

Each policy differs, so be sure to review your Kidnap & Ransom insurance policy for more details on your coverage limits, specific conditions, and policy exclusions. If you need additional coverage beyond what your policy includes, some carriers may allow you to purchase endorsements to add to your policy.


Why Use Gamified Simulations From Infiniqo?

Fun, immersive games can help people learn in less stressful and more engaging ways. When you consider the emotional toll a kidnap and ransom event can take on the individuals involved, it makes sense that roleplaying the scenario in a realistic —but safe —way can help people learn the most to feel ready for an emergency.

People develop muscle memory when they practice new things, so gamified tabletops are an especially effective way for teams to work and play together while growing their confidence. In a real-world kidnap and ransom event, every second counts and every decision made could be a life and death one. Make sure your team is ready —schedule your free presentation today to learn how gamification can help!

Infiniqo has immersive gamified simulations available for Kidnap & Ransom, Active Shooter, Natural Disasters, and Cyber, letting you cover all the bases with your staff. Talk with your risk manager about how using gamified simulations to support your training can mitigate your risks. Lowering the frequency and severity of losses is a shared goal between you and your insurer —and Infiniqo’s customizable solutions can help.

Mitigate Risks Using Gamified Simulations

Gamification and simulations can be an integral part of your risk management plan. Using training to mitigate risks is a common solution in large corporations —and gamified simulations are the next level in training.

Playing games makes us feel good and can aid in the release of dopamine and other feel-good endorphins —which can make people want to come back for more. Giving your employees a chance to play games, learn, and win at the same time reinforces the behaviors and skills you’re trying to teach. Muscle memory develops through repetition over time – practice does make perfect, after all.

Appeal to your next-gen employees

There’s another compelling reason to start using gamification and simulations in your insurance training and risk management programs. Millennials and Gen Zers, and eventually Gen Alphas, will have grown up playing video games in their spare time and in school-based learning programs.

Their brains are hard-wired for screens and virtual rewards and learning through engaging games. Use this home-grown talent to your advantage and employ gamified tabletops in your program to teach critical response skills for Kidnap & Ransom situations and other emerging crises.

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Contact Infiniqo to see how gamification and simulation can help your team prepare for disasters in a fun, immersive way. Our solutions include exercises for Kidnap & Ransom scenarios and many other emergencies, letting you customize the way your team learns.

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