Experiential Learning & Decision Intelligence Platform

Situation Immersion

Different situations demand different thought responses depending on the desired short-term and long-term outcomes. Responses to a situation must start with critical thinking techniques combined with a holistic inventory of the current environment.  Mastery of these two areas will allow for seamless engagement of creative and analytical thinking that can better support one’s intuitive impulses. The careful blend of the above paves the way for higher decision intelligence by individuals or teams alike.

Decision Points

The various decision elements and conditional flows within the scenario enable action-consequence training allowing the users/players to build muscle memory towards better outcomes.


The Heads-Up-Display (HUD) provides a dynamic view of the essential parameters that help players assess ramifications prior to making decisions. It is also the location where performance data can be shared in real-time.


There are multiple scoring elements to allow for tracking of metrics that will help players see how they have improved overtime, as well as have these results roll up to higher levels to assess usage and performance at a macro level.

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