Infiniqo is focused on select service offerings to help empower the digital transformation across the insurance value chain for carriers, brokers, re-insurers and service partners.

Digital Strategies

Insurance carriers have embarked on many transformation initiatives over the years with mixed results and varying degree of business benefits.

The “digital transformation” agenda has the underpinnings of user centricity, customer experience and intuitive content delivered for better, faster and easier decision making; be it for the end consumers, agents, underwriters, risk managers, actuarial experts, product designers, claims adjustors or loss prevention specialists.

Information analytics (data science, data analytics, master data, big data, visualization and others) and technology (artificial intelligence, machine learning, chatbots, IoT and others) ecosystems are evolving to open-up connected possibilities and capabilities that play a greater strategic role in impacting business outcomes for insurers and beyond.

Infiniqo aids your digital adoption journey with well-tailored design strategy and execution plans.

The key elements of our digital strategy framework include:

  • Vision articulation aligned to core business objectives & goals
  • Digital landscape mapping (applications, data, core systems and external entities)
  • Connected information value chains
  • User profiling and personas | customer and stakeholder experience goals
  • Technology capabilities mapping
  • Success path & milestones
  • Execution structure, roadmap, key measures & governance

Infiniqo tailors the strategy development to your specific needs and outcomes.

Digital Solutions

To become a true digital carrier it is critical for organizations to take a holistic approach to transformation. Infiniqo focuses on providing innovative digital solutions in the entire insurance value chain.

In the evolving era of social media and customer centricity, customer experience and data play a central role in digital transformation. This means solutions are no longer designed by technical experts in isolation. These methodologies deliberately incorporate multiple groups’ perspectives into the design process.

Infiniqo’s unique BIT framework combined with innovative design thinking processes brings our clients within greater proximity of their desired business objectives.

The key areas of our offerings include but are not limited to:

  • Concept design to development of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) using gamification 
  • Improving customer and user experience/engagement and training leveraging Mixed Reality, AI & Machine learning

Business Analysis

Business Analysts (BAs) play a vital role in understanding the needs of the business and enable the right functionality and features to be delivered to the end-users. The dual-focus on customer experience and business objectives coupled with a gamut of soft skills is essential to make a powerful impact to implementing any initiatives. Be it rolling out a new product line, or integrating with new systems, the ultimate goal is building new digital capabilities.

Infiniqo brings forward a connected thinking approach through its unique BIT framework to execute on various Business Analysis engagements.

Each of our BAs come with a blend of broad insurance domain knowledge, deep expertise in specific lines of business along with excellent exposure to technology and information analytics, while bringing unique perspectives, innovative thought leadership and executive presence.

Infiniqo applies both qualitative and quantitative measures (such as BIT score) and focused gamification-based training to enable all of its BAs for new-age success.

This preparation and enablement to imagining newer possibilities makes Infiniqo BAs more impactful in their contributions to business performance and outcomes.

Transformation Management

Digital transformation programs create deeper and broader change, using more agile methodologies that involve multiple stakeholders; business, IT, end users and customers. In digital transformation initiatives, the use of methods such as agile, lean, and design thinking/UX/CX plays a pivotal role.

As part of the digital transformation initiatives, Infiniqo will be using its unique BIT framework and design thinking process to minimize the risk and increase customer satisfaction and acceptance.

The methodology would work towards managing outcomes with key metrics to assess usability, usefulness, and desired benefits (tangible and in-tangible)

Infiniqo can assist your organization with:

  • Setting up and managing PMO framework and solution (covering processes, responsibilities and tools), specifically catering to digital transformation and integration, enabling you to articulate and ‘measure’ the progress/performance of your program.
  • Managing and reducing the risk of program failure by improving practices in change/scope management, issues management, planning, scheduling, resource management, accounting, quality assurance, and communication.
  • User education and program communication leveraging digital tools and technologies including Augmented Reality, AI & Machine Learning.

We ensure that the benefits from the transition of services are delivered while managing change risk. We apply professional program management rigor to ensure business strategic objectives are realized.