How to Gamify Your Risk with Immersive Risk Simulation Platforms

Imagine if you had a proven way to manage critical situations with better decision intelligence leading to quicker resolutions.

An immersive platform that teaches skills and develops muscle memory through engaging and fun simulations can lead to better results in real-life crisis scenarios, like active shooter, kidnap and ransom, natural disasters, and other major events.

While these events are unpredictable, your response does not have to be – by raising awareness and training key employees how to respond, everyone knows what to do and when to do it.

Ransomware attacks are on the Rise

Would your employees know what to do if a time-sensitive emergency like a ransomware attack hit your company? Would you?

How about your policyholders? What if a life-threatening emergency struck them – how would they respond? Saving lives and reducing the human impact of natural disasters and manmade events like kidnappings and active shooter events is a key goal of our simulation platforms.

Engaging Simulations Teach and Reinforce Critical Skills

People love to play simulation games. The Sims have been beloved for generations for a reason – they appeal to our desire to play out scenarios in a safe and fun way. Our characters can try new things and fail without any real risk to us, appealing to our natural sense of curiosity and adventure.

Risk simulations appeal to us in the same way – they allow us to play games to try new skills and ideas in a low-stakes environment. We can see how our actions relate in a real-world way without the risk of danger. We can practice habits and making decisions as a team or find new ways of doing things through engaging and fun platforms.

Why is Practice so Important?

Professional pianists may spend up to 8 hours per day practicing the piano. Tiger Woods famously reported spending 12 hours per day training between the gym and the links. There is a good reason for these hours spent honing your craft – practice truly does make perfect.

Deliberate practice reinforces new behaviors and makes you better at them, which makes it more likely you will repeat the behavior. Muscle memory kicks in when we do things often enough – the routine stays with us and we can recall it, even in times of stress. That is why practicing something over and over can lead to success.

Practice by using Infiniqo’s engaging and realistic simulation platform to develop muscle memory so when a crisis event happens for real, you’ll know what to do.

How Risk Managers Can Use Immersive Risk Simulation Platforms  

Infiniqo can help your clients better prepare to respond to crisis events, which means:

·      Faster incident resolution

·      Less costly response

Knowing how to respond to all types of catastrophic events can help reduce the frequency and severity of claims against all types of policies – Commercial General Liability, Cyber, Kidnap & Ransom, Workers Compensation, and more.

The first few minutes and hours after a crisis happens are critical – having a plan in place is the best way to ensure a good outcome.

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