Emergency Preparedness Training

Customized Virtual Tabletop Exercises

Immerse first responders, citizens (2nd responders), students, the military, and government organizations into simulated exercises to be aware and prepared for emergencies threatening the lives and physical well beings of others.

Create your next functional exercise/drill with a higher order of situational awareness and preparedness using our axon™ Emergence platform.

We work with insurance carriers, risk managers, brokers, emergency planning professionals, humanitarian non-profits and more to create highly interactive and immersive custom scenarios that simulate the survival of various emergency scenarios. Infiniqo’s axon™ platform delivers stimulating immersion of real-life situations and lends itself to collaborative experiences while honing decision-making and risk mitigation skills.


Hurricane Preparedness Training

Training people and organizations for hurricanes involves providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to prepare for and respond to a hurricane. Below are all of the steps we can custom-tailor within our simulations:

  1. Provide educational materials: Distribute educational materials such as brochures, posters, and handouts that explain the risks and impacts of hurricanes, as well as the steps people can take to prepare.

  2. Conduct training sessions: Host online training sessions for groups of people, such as residents of a neighborhood, employees of a business, or members of a community organization. 

  3. Conduct drills and exercises (in a Choose Your Own Adventure manner): Conduct hurricane drills and exercises to help people practice their emergency plans and learn how to respond in a safe and efficient manner. These drills can be conducted within our simulations online or offline.


Earthquake Awareness & Preparation Drills

Earthquakes are in a class by themselves due to their tremendous potential for devastation where ever there is a fault line.  Far too often, those of us at home or in our place of work are taken by surprise and shock once a strong quake occurs, which can lead to significant losses that could have been mitigated to a great degree.

We can assist with training exercises for citizens, municipalities, and first responders before, during and after an earthquake event.


Be Proactive & Plan for Wildfire Season

Wildfires are a rapidly increasing phenomenon burning through millions of acres of land, causing catastrophic damage to properties and, often times loss of precious human and wildlife.

Due to the dry climate of west coast states, and their drought-like conditions during record-breaking summers, it is hard to prevent these fires in wooded areas.  However, it does not mean we cannot get better at anticipating, pro-reacting, and repairing our lives and businesses after the flames have been extinguished.

Kidnap & Ransom

Establish a Defensible Position, and Know Your Surroundings

Kidnapping in its many forms has become a common threat to individuals while traveling. While no one can eliminate the risk of kidnaps, there are steps you can take to reduce the emotional and financial impact of sudden and unexpected expenses related to kidnapping, extortion, and ransom, or illegal detention. 

Today, it has become critical to protect your organization and your people who conduct business globally through Kidnap and Ransom insurance. Check out our blog and short animation about Express Kidnapping.

Additional Training Focus Areas

First Responder



Active Shooter

Armed Intruder

Civil Unrest



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